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New Year New You Transformation Challenge

By nurserobyn | January 8, 2018

January 17th @ Stoetzel’s Planet Chiropractic 630pm Join us to learn the top 5 secrets to creating healthy habits instead of short term goals that fizzle fast!  REGISTER HERE Learn: Top 5 foods to burn fat The #1 supplement to reverse aging, lose weight and increase energy Top 3 Essential Oils to help metabolism The…

Meditation & Essential Oils

By nurserobyn | October 13, 2017

It’s FALL and one of our favorite times of the year! It’s also a time for CHANGE and releasing the old to bring in the new! This class will teach you: The Basics of Reiki, Essential Oils & Balancing Chakra Meditation A “HOW TO” Guided Meditation Exercise • How to achieve complete balance of your…

Makeup Graveyard Event

By nurserobyn | October 13, 2017

Join us for this class and learn the scary truth about your makeup! Did you know that so many of our skincare products + makeup contain hormone disruptors, chemicals that cause cancer and skin irritants that can further cause breakouts? Or they’re tested on animals? Yuck! Do you have a spooky drawer full of old…

Action Speaks Louder Than PINK: Let’s Talk Prevention

By nurserobyn | October 4, 2017

Please join us Tuesday Oct. 17th at 6:30pm for Action Speaks Louder Than Pink- Breast Cancer Prevention The TRUTH about the CAUSES may be shocking and are what every person should know, not just women! MEN are getting breast cancer too! 10 Steps For Breast Health Join former Oncology Nurse and Breast Cancer Action Activist,…

Are You Interested in Young Living as A Business?

By nurserobyn | October 4, 2017

If you or someone you know is ready to join a community of like-minded, wellness focused men and women with a passion to help others live above the wellness line while making an unlimited amount of income, then this quick intro to launching your own Young Living Essential Oil business is for you. Lena Meade,…

Detox Your Beauty Routine Makeover Event

By nurserobyn | July 26, 2017

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each DAY!  Did you know the average woman applies over 200 cancer causing chemicals to their body before even leaving the house in the mornings? Thursday, July 26th at 7pm at Little Joe’s in Frankfort~ Join me as I teach you the importance of using non-toxic…


By nurserobyn | July 12, 2017

MONDAY JULY 24th- Join me for a night of TRANSFORMATION!  I will be a guest speaker at this event and hope to see you there!  CHECK IT OUT HERE

Toxic Beauty- The Hidden Truth

By nurserobyn | March 19, 2017

Are you dying to be beautiful? No…Really! Your beauty products could be putting you and your children at risk for serious health issues without you even knowing it. Did you know that on average people are exposed to over 515 chemicals every single day and most of them are hormone disruptors that can lead to…

Healthy Hormones

By nurserobyn | February 11, 2017

Do you suffer from mood swings, fatigue, depression, weight gain, low libido, prostate issues, fertility issues or more? Then this class is a MUST to attend. On Monday, February 13th at 7pm we will not only give you NATURAL solutions but we will reveal the underlying CAUSES. The reality is if you do not fix…

New Year New You Class

By nurserobyn | January 2, 2017

Take charge of your health in 2017! Join us to learn the TOP 5 things that are holding you back from the health of your dreams! Learn 5 TOP FAT BURNING Secrets to lose weight FAST! Stress can also affect your health! We will be giving you tips on how to handle stress so that…