Robyn Stoetzel RN, BSN, CCAP

Hello! My name is Robyn Stoetzel. I am a Mom of 3, married to Dr. Paul Stoetzel DC since 2003, a registered nurse, certified clinical aromatherapist and Oola Life Coach. My passion is helping others find their full potential by eliminating interferences that are holding them back! 

I graduated from Nursing school in 1995 and specialized in Hematology-Oncology including Bone Marrow Transplant. I furthered my career as a Hospital Health Care Risk Manager and Legal Nurse Consultant.  I loved what I did. But then my 2nd child was born and it literally changed the course of my life and thousands of others. 

At the age of 3 my son suffered from severe head to toe eczema, sensory issues, delayed speech, low muscle tone, severe joint pain and more.  At one point, we were sent to Children’s Memorial hospital where they diagnosed Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

At that time I began to question everything I had been taught.  You see, I was taught you find a diagnosis and treat it with medication… That’s the only way…end of story.  But when my son was diagnosed with JRA, Eczema and ASD-POS(a form of autism) something in my being shifted.  I believe my “Momma Instinct” set in! All Moms have it… you know that GUT feeling that something is just not right and you don’t know why? Yea that was in FULL force..despite my nursing education. 

It was at this time in my life that I was determined to find out what was CAUSING my son to have these severe symptoms. After many sleepless nights of researching everything…I learned my son was TOXIC!  We did advance testing on him and found things in his system like LYME, EBV and Heavy Metals.  We were also living in a house with toxic mold and had no idea.  Long story short(well kinda 😉), after a year of detoxing, healing his gut, cleaning up our home.. aka “going green”, incorporating essential oils, supplements and a healing diet, my son was well again!  He is 14 now and we’ve never looked back! That began my advanced training in the world of natural health. 

I now have the awesome blessing of working with my husband, in our wellness clinic, to truly help others get well… once and for all!  If you are here and curious what I can do for you or your families goals..message me, call me or schedule an appointment. I am eager to help you get to the CAUSE so you can get back to carrying out your very purpose here on earth. 

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Thank you for taking time to learn a bit about me! 🌸Robyn

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