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(post creds: Lena Meade & Kimberly Laird)
Friends, I know this topic can be all sorts of awkward, but it’s also a BIG deal. So, let’s go there. ❤
As a culture, convenience has become more important than a deep connection to our bodies as women. It’s killing us.
We use tampons and pads that are white as snow without a second thought. That cotton is white because it was bleached. That bleach is sitting right on that extra absorbent skin down yonder for WEEKS out of the year. That means for WEEKS, those toxins are being soaked into your system. Here are a few things that this can lead to:
+ Endocrine system disruption
+ Hormone disruption
+ Endometriosis
+ Build up of toxins in the immune system
+ Cancer
+ Infertility
+ Birth defects
And that’s just from the bleach. How bout those scented pads and tampons? Fragrance is a toxic-soup of “proprietary” ingredients that are worse than second hand smoke… all up in your biz. 😕
There are SO many other options. I’m going to share my recipe for complete female freedom.
My recipe for maintaining the undercarriage:
+ Diva Cup
+ Thinx underwear
+ Ava bracelet so I know exactly where I’m at in my cycle
+ Progessence Plus serum to naturally support solid progesterone levels, which can keep PMS symptoms to a minimum.
—– DIVA CUP —–
The Diva cup is worn like a tampon and then just gets emptied, cleaned and reused. They only need to be emptied every 12 hours for most women, so, it’s basically like your period isn’t even happening. Also, no more buying tampons! FREEDOM!
—– THINX —–
The Thinx underwear are designed to be used like a pad but look and feel totally normal. They absorb as much as two tampons and can be used as a replacement or backup. I use these for peace of mind just in case my cup overfloweth or on super light days when the cup doesn’t even need to be worn. Life UNinterrupted.
I seriously can’t talk about all this without talking about the Ava bracelet. It is HANDS DOWN, THE BEST way I have found to easily feel empowered by my cycle.
+ I always know exactly where I am in my cycle JUST by wearing this bracelet at night. No more being surprised by my period now.
+ I know how much sleep I’ve gotten and how much of that was light or REM.
+ I know my stress level based on heart rate variability and I know my BMP.
SO much important info! Getting OFF of birth control is a game-changer toward freedom in our bodies. This bracelet makes that easier with major peace of mind in knowing exactly what is happening with advanced warning.
Unlike estrogen, progesterone is what makes us feel energetic, radiant, healthy and sexy! ❤
I’ve been using Progessence Plus serum, which uses hormone-supporting essential oils and progesterone derived from natural yam, the second half of my cycle (so starting 14days after first day)
Here are just a FEW of the benefits I’ve seen from having optimal progesterone levels:
+ Weight loss
+ Better sleep
+ Clearer, brighter skin
+ More energy
+ Fewer mood swings
+ Nearly zero PMS symptoms
I am OBSESSED. It smells amazing, it’s simple just to drop several drops on my forearms at night and the benefits speak for themselves! Literally EVERY single woman should be using this serum.
Know better, do better, ladies! We are paying dearly for the “convenience” and “control” we want.
We CAN have convenience and control, but we can have it with empowerment and with our health intact!
Thinx Underwear:
$20 off your Ava Bracelet:
—> Read more about the Ava Bracelet, birth control and Progessence Plus here:
Progessence Plus – your own YL account to order
I also have to recommend the book, Woman Code, as an amazing resource for unlocking the amazing potential of working WITH our cycle to feel our best! ❤ You can find that here:
Also, so yourself a big favor and GOOGLE “bleached tampon dangers” and “estrogen dominance birth control”
*** Diva Cup and Thinx not pictured…. you’re welcome! ***
(Info provided by Lena Meade & Kimberly Laird. PIC Kimberly Laird)