Action Speaks Louder Than PINK: Let’s Talk Prevention

Please join us Tuesday Oct. 17th at 6:30pm for Action Speaks Louder Than Pink- Breast Cancer Prevention

The TRUTH about the CAUSES may be shocking and are what every person should know, not just women! MEN are getting breast cancer too!

10 Steps For Breast Health

Join former Oncology Nurse and Breast Cancer Action Activist, Robyn Stoetzel RN BSN, as she teaches you what your Doctor may not tell you about Breast Cancer. This class is a MUST for those wanting to prevent this disease as well as those fighting it!

Enough with “Awareness”. It’s no secret that more women are fighting Breast Cancer than ever before in history. The scary statistics are 1 in 8! It’s time to take ACTION and change the conversations to PREVENTION and educate on the known CAUSES!

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Action Speaks Louder Than Pink