Do kids need detox?

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When I was first told that my son at 2 years old had a toxicity issue I thought the practitioner was crazy!

I could not wrap my head around how it was possible that by the age of 2 he was toxic.  I soon learned that it was not from just one source but multiple sources that caused this, one included ME as the culprit.

Around 2 years old my son began to show signs of toxicity but I had no idea that was what it was.  Jacob, my second child, had head to toe severe eczema.  When I say severe eczema that is an under statement.  His skin was literally peeling off the bottoms of his feet and legs.  It almost resembled a flesh eating bacterial infection.  He would get cracks so bad on the bottoms of the feet he could hardly walk.  He would also scratch the skin on his arms, belly and neck to the point it would get infected.  Jacob had pain all the time. ” My Back, My Back, My Back” were constant words we heard. Jacob had severe light sensitivity to his eyes as well. “Owie my eyes. my eyes” echoed our car when traveling anywhere. Have you ever seen those dark sunglasses that the elderly wear?  Yep, those were a part of his daily wardrobe.

There were many other symptoms he was having as well like, delayed speech, minimal eye contact, sound sensitivity and low muscle tone.  I found myself at Children’s Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago where they wanted to begin testing and diagnosing Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It was at that moment I knew in my heart I HAD to find the cause.  As a nurse, I knew very well what the coarse of treatment would look like for my son if I did not.  For me, I was not ok with a life of steroids, chemotherapy drugs like methotrexate and more.  I knew one thing.  If I wanted different results than others were getting in this same situation then I HAD to do something drastically different.  This began my search for the CAUSE and led me to find a natural practitioner that does what I now do for my patients.  GET TO THE CAUSE! The causes for my son were heavy metals like mercury, toxic mold and foods he was allergic to.  We were living in a house that had toxic mold and I didn’t know it.  The heavy metals actually came from ME in utero.  What I learned is that if Momma is toxic…. baby is toxic.

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The environmental working group published a study in 2005 showing the Body Burden of toxic chemicals found in newborns.  287 industrial chemicals were found in the cord blood of newborns. The results were astonishing! You can read the article HERE. There is also a CNN ongoing report called TOXIC AMERICA that was done with even more startling findings.  Reality is we live in a toxic world!  SO what can we do about it?  Live in a bubble?  Move far away to a secluded Island?   I used to think so.  But that is not realistic.

What we had to do for my son is change his diet dramatically, change his environment by removing toxic sources like air fresheners, baby products with artificial dyes and dangerous chemicals, pesticides used in the home for bugs, and much much more.  We also had to DETOX him.  To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement.  To say it was easy….. would be a lie!  But one thing I do know. IT WAS WORTH IT!  My son is now 11 years old and you would have NO IDEA he went through what he did!  He has no symptoms what so ever, plays travel baseball, loves to Golf and gets nothing but A’s and B’s in school! Addressing the toxicity issue for him was the KEY to his health!

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