Are you increasing your risk for breast cancer with Mammography screenings?


AS a former Oncology nurse I believe in early detection.  However, I do not believe in testing modalities that can actually INCREASE your risk of cancer!  If yIntro18ou have not taken the time to research Mammography risk, I suggest you do so before having this done.

Do Mammography’s really “SAVE LIVES”?  I believe that the answer is… NO not necessarily.  Mammography tells you YES or NO if you have Breast Cancer.  Saving lives to me would mean PREVENTING it in the first place!  There are several tests that can be performed to alert you that there is a potential  risks years before a mammography can even detect it.  I encourage you to look into Breast Thermography versus Mammography.

November 1st we are offering Breast Thermography in our Lemont Office at 1243 S State St #106, Lemont IL 60439 from 9am-5pm.  We offer this testing every 3 months.  Call 630-257-8700 to inquire or visit THIS SITE to schedule or learn more.  This testing is TRUE prevention.